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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Loving Memory of My Father

November 26, 1933 - October 27, 2009
I was with him this morning when he passed away. I am grateful for the time we had, the lessons we learned and the grace that always follows great love.
Thank you for your prayers and all the many acts of kindness shown to me throughout his illness.
Love to all of you - Mimi

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Queen's Meme ~ Bloggingham Blues

Hello to my meme players on the Queen's Meme,

While I am dealing with my dad's illness and all that goes with it emotionally and otherwise, as well as attempting to attend to peace globes for the November 5th launch, I will not have a round of questions this week. Thank you for understanding.

As soon as my personal life settles down a bit and I can focus on the frivolous blogging that I so love to do, I will return with this meme.

If any of you would like to guest blog for me (any takers??!) and write a set of 7 questions, please send them to me via email. I'll post 'em with a link back to you and we'll go on as usual until I return.
That might be very interesting indeed.

I miss you all and will see you soon.

mimilenox @ mimilenox.com
P.S. You do have your peace globes, right? There's always the dungeon....

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