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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Queen's Meme #99 ~ The 99 Meme

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #99
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Today I thought I'd give you 99 questions to answer in honor of the 99th meme. Just kidding! Instead, I'll give you 7 questions that just seem like 99.
Here we go.

Surprisingly, it's called The 99 Meme

1. Let's take that famously irritating song, Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on The Wall. Tell me....What would you substitute for those bottles of beer? Your song would be "Ninety-nine ______ of ______ on the Wall."
Fill in the blanks.

2. Let's go to the 99 cents store. What do you think should be made available for 99 cents at the 99 cents store?

3. The great world of Wikipedia tells me that scientists claim 99% of all documented species are extinct. Which remaining species in the 1% category would you really like to see extinct.  And which species in the 99% category would you like to bring back?

4.  Why is merchandise always priced as 1.99 or 20.99 or 50,287.99? Do they think we're stupid?

5. If you live to be 99 years old, what would you like your life to be like in that last decade? 

6. Tumblr has a new blog called "We Are The 99%" brought to you by "the people who occupy Wall Street." Everyday people are writing notes on paper about their experiences and living conditions right now. Can you identify with the 99% on this page?

7.  I think armpits should get more respect than this. According to the advice of medical personnel: If your child's temperature is more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit measured rectally, or more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit measured in the mouth, or more than 99 degrees Fahrenheit measured in the armpit (for 4-5 minutes), he or she has fever.
Why do you think  armpits are so slow to register heat?


WT said...

Hello, I had fun answering the Meme.. Enjoy the rest of u'r week ^-^

coopernicus said...

no mention of the Toto song 99??? Hmmm...

EMT Wench said...

That was a perfect way to roll out the 99th meme! I'm looking forward to next week's 100th meme - I will tell you I would answer the 100 questions, should you manage that. In the meantime, here are my answers for the 99: traislinge.blogspot.com/2011/10/queens-meme-99-99-meme.html.

Last week's meme wasn't my strong point, in case you were wondering what happened to me. But this was!

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