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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Queen's Meme #33 ~ The Spring Fling Meme

Spring has flung and fling has sprung. It is time to put your imaginary hat on and step outside the box into the world of fantasy. Spring! Love! Lust! Pheremones! Broken hearts! Dares! Parties! Beaches! Trips! The world of flinging! Ahh....the romance. Ahhh...the migraines.

Webster's defines a spring fling as: a short period of unrestrained pursuit of one's wishes or desires.

The Spring Fling Meme

(The Lovers Dance)

1. Tell us about the your latest spring fling.

2. What made your fling so special? OR what made it so bad?

3. Have you ever been flung on vacation?

4. All current serious relationships aside, what would be your fantasy spring fling?
Come on. You can tell us. We won't tell your significant other. Maybe.

5. How long did your spring fling last? (either the one in your head or the one in your bed)

6. Is there a blogger you'd like to fling for spring?
Would you tell them?

7. What is the worst thing that could happen during a spring fling?

8. What constitutues a proper spring fling? ie: Kinds of activities? How will time be spent?
What should spring flingers do? What should they NOT do?

9. If your fling lasts through summer is it still a spring fling?

10. How do you get out of a spring fling relationship?

Read about the Queen's mysterious fling here.
You didn't think I'd decree this meme without writing the manual first, did you?

I'm in such a pickle.

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Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Not only am I done... but I am done early. It is my attempt to prove that I can be highly efficient when put to the test!

mielikki said...

You are going to have to toss me in the dungeon (again, or, wait, did I ever leave?)). I tried to do this one, and, well. I am not a fling kind of girl. Some of my answers were sappy (about my MM) and the rest of them were dull so I scrapped it.. .

Mouse said...

Made it this week! Not had a chance to read yours yet, as my pc keeps crashing whenever I try and access. Oh and send the FB request btw :)

Starrlight said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jean-Luc Picard said...

Spring is in the air....

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