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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Queen's Meme #61 ~ The Silly Serious Thanksgiving Meme

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #61 ~ The Silly Serious Thanksgiving Meme!
In Canada, it is celebrated on the second Monday in October. In the United States, the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for a bountiful harvest, loved ones near and far, the blessing of simply breathing everyday. Let's pause for a moment and think about what we're thankful for. My goal this year is to focus on the small things that I should be grateful for - even without a holiday looming. Having said that, this is serious and silly simultaneously!
Enjoy.  Have seconds!

1. If you knew this would be the last Thanksgiving holiday with your family, what would you do differently?

2. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dinner dish?

3. Why did John Smith fall in love with Pocahontas? Was it her beauty or her bravery?

4. Fill in the blank: Over the river and through the woods to ________________ 's blog we go.

5. What is a cornucopia?
A. A foot ailment  B. Freud's hidden coping strategy  C. a Enuch with a very large vocabulary D. third cousin of Onomatopoeia

6. Find a word that rhymes with Thanksgiving

7.  Do you have any holiday traditions you'd like to share with us?

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Xmichra said...

I'm skipping this week and hopeful that the queen won't be around to toss me in the dungeon (after all, it is a holiday!!)

Anonymous said...

X - tsk tsk....

be very qwiet..i'm hunting turkeys...hahahahahahaha

god i need help

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