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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Queen's Meme #107 ~ The Relationship Meme

Welcome To The Queen's Meme #107
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Relationships, relationships, relationships. They can be soooo complicated. And yet so simple. I don't think it's rocket science. What do you think?

1. What is the one thing in a relationship you will not compromise?

2. What is the one thing in a relationship you will not tolerate?

3. What is the main difference between the male and female brain?

4. Instead of Mars and Venus, what would you name your love planets?

5. Do you believe in love matching astrology charts? Have you ever found them to be helpful?

6.  Is it more important that your partner be attentive to your practical needs or your romantic needs?

7. How much do past relationships have to do with your present relationship?

Ah. Love. It's all good.


Shannon W. said...

I played along this week. My post will show up at midnight on my Family, Friends and Life blog.


and I also posted on my "Shannon's Moments of Introspection" blog.


Scudds Harrison said...

Hiya! Merry Christmas. Found your Dungeon very interesting and cool. I played along and definitely play more!

All the best,

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