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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Queen's Meme #63 ~ The Frivolous Christmas Meme

Let's talk Christmas. I'm in a naughty and nice mood.  Some are one-word answers, others need a little explanation. Feel free to elaborate when the blog spirit moves ya. And above all else...Have fun!

1. Amazon.com or the Mall
2. Bows or ribbons
3. Expensive or sale tags
4. Long list or short
5. Wrapped packages or gift bags
6. Eggnog or vodka
7. Have you finished your shopping?
8. A Christmas Carol or The Bible Story
9. Are you Scrooge or Santa's Helper?
10. Did you ever catch Santa Claus in the act?
11. Tell me about your Christmas tree...gotta pic?

12. Christmas carols or Rock Station
13. Do you believe in Elves?
14. I am looking for Santa. Describe him for me.

 15. Do you leave cookies out or bourbon?
16. White lights or multi-colored
17. Wreaths on the doors, windows, outside?
18. Who are the 3 wisest wise men in your life?
19. Is Christmas religious or commercial for you?
20. Ever kiss under the mistletoe?
21. Stars or angels on top of the tree 
22. Who deserves to get a lump of coal for Christmas and why?
23. Who is #7 in the 12 Days of Christmas song?
24. Snail mail cards or e-cards
25. What do you want for Christmas?

And remember....Santa Claus (and Mimi) are watching you. Be good now!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

First up today!

Xmichra said...

I had to look up the 12 days of christmas.. lol .. I know the Bob & Doug version!

Jean! said...

Loved Participating in this Meme as always.


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