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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Queen's Meme #94 ~ The Love Match Meme

7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

This week has been wide open. In case you haven't noticed, I tend to meme-blog about those things that are concerning me at the moment. Or making me laugh. Or driving me crazy.
I can't get my mind off a conversation I had with a new guy possible love match maybe kinda sorta we'll see acquaintance this week.
He's conservative. But edgy. Liberal with his opinions. But not haphazardly. Tall. A littttttle younger (I said a "little!") and downright challenging. But in a good way. 

1. Which is more important.... romantic chemistry or friendship?

2. Would you date someone who is much taller or shorter than you? 
How about older or younger?

3. How soon should you bring up past relationships in a new relationship?
4. What is the one red flag you KNOW from past experience to pay attention to when getting to know a new person?

5.   When dating someone, what would you consider the ultimate deal breaker?

6.  Tell us about a date you had with someone that went all wrong.

7. Imagine you have a teenage daughter. She just asked you to give your best dating and relationship advice. What will you say?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

First up!

Anonymous said...

yeah...this will get me in trouble...

EMT Wench said...

Hiya, Mimi!

I'm working on the answers now (better late than never)but I noticed something a littttttle odd... The Meme appears to be either #93 or #94. The title, "The Queen's Meme #94 - The Love Match Meme" seems fine, but then the first subtitle reads "Welcome to the Queen's Meme #93.

In looking at the previous week's episode, that was #93, so I will fix the subtitle to show 94 as well. And once I get it answered, I'll get the link up onto the comments page and that will keep you busy for a bit!


EMT Wench said...

I see you fixed the number. Here are my answers: http://traislinge.blogspot.com/2011/09/queens-meme-94-love-match-meme.html

I hope you enjoy the answers as much as I've enjoyed filling in the answers.

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