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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Royal Blible

Note: Tuesday's meme will be posted Monday afternoon. Meanwhile....

That's Blog + Bible for all you non-blog speakers.
Last week we launched a new Tuesday meme in the blogosphere called The Queen's Meme. The response was wonderful! It was a virgin flight full of surprises. I found many new comedians and made new friends. You are quite creative and colorful you know!
So in honor of our first meme together and your good-natured tolerance of my dungeon threats (some of you are still in there maybe probably not you'll get out tomorrow), I've put together a little souvenir to commemorate our accomplishment.

Question #6 in the Blog Outside The Box Meme was "You suddenly become God of The Universe. What would your first Commandment be?" The answers were fantastic! I thought we should have our own Royal Commandment Book. It's only right. And Bloly (that's Blog + oh never mind..)
As I re-read these it was amazing just how representative your Commandments were of your unique blog personalities. Reading them in order, one after another, is a riot. Enjoy! And just think, we have our own set of Royal Commandments! I had to use my royal magic bleeper on a few of these to get past the Google police, nevertheless, here they are in the order they descended upon the Bluniverse. Bless you my child.
The Royal Commandments
Hope to see you Tuesday. You know you wanna play! Feel free to grab the Blible for your own. You might need some inspiration. Here's the code:

I also invite you to read today's post from Mimi: The Mysterious Lady In The Closet of Hats
See you soon!

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